ubī + -que


1. in or to all places.
    - common or widely distributed

1. all places or directions.



The Ubique Portfolio has been designed to offer flexibility and robustness by actively developing, refining and researching different investment and trading strategies across a myriad of different markets. The name Ubique, meaning everywhere, harks to the fact that the investments contained within it could be from anywhere. Why limit our investing options if better opportunities present themselves in areas we aren't currently investing it.

As a byproduct, it means that as certain investment strategies lose their potency due to changing market conditions, the portfolio has the ability to move into more advantageous ones. This, combined with the spreading of risk by diversifying market exposure to multiple strategies at once aims to give Ubique a foot up on other traditional buy-and-hold portfolio's.

One common theme throughout all of the  trading strategies which make up Ubique is their systematic, quantitative approach. To be considered eligible to be part of the portfolio, we believe there can be no discretionary elements to a strategy. Why? For a number of reasons. Firstly, you cannot run back tests on discretionary investing as there are no hard rules which dictate your actions. Secondly, discretionary trading requires a human, and humans pose a major issue when investing. They are emotional creatures, are easily influenced by opinions, emotions, and are rarely running at 100%. As such, we prefer a mechanised approach, which is testable, repeatable, and results observable. In other words, we are turning the art of investing into the science of investing.



Compounded Annual Growth Rate


Average Annual Return



Nov 2008





Starting Balance $100,000.00








This Golden Ratio Strategy has been built around the interplay the indices have with gold during bull and bear markets



The seasonal sector rotation strategy is built upon the precept that certain areas of the market place exhibit patterns over time which coincide with the calendar, and the US election cycle



One of the most time-proven ideas with over 100 years of empirical evidence, re-imagined for the modern markets using risk-managed leverage to execute.





The Ubique Portfolio was designed to go up against the main index's. It has two main aims when comparing to them. Firstly for the Return on Investment, and specifically the Annual Compounded Growth Rate (ACGR) to be higher than then index. Secondly, that the maximum drawdown should be lower than an all out buy-and-hold strategy of the index. Below are the major global benchmarks returns vs Ubique since 2008 when our testing could start.



Below you can see how each strategy has performed against the major benchmark (SPY) over the last 12 years. Combined, you can see how each strategy works together. To date, at least one of the strategies has beaten the benchmark with most instances being two out of three and even 25% of years having all three strategies outperform the market.

It is this diversification and mix of correlated and non-correlated assets which gives Ubique its unique edge to find excess return from a long-term portfolio.



Correlation is a measure of the strength and direction of the relationship between two price series. In other words, it measures to what extent the prices of two securities move together. The measure ranges from -1.0 to +1.0. A value of +1.0 indicates the funds move up and down in a near perfect relationship. A value of -1.0 indicates they move inverse to one another. A value near 0 indicates no recognisable relationship between the price movements.

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